Electrical infrastructures

Electrical infrastructures

Energy transition is creating major change in design and management of electrical grids. In grid implementation, optimization of architectures, increasing efficiencies and battery voltage to 1500 V brings down prices for system services and grid storage. For off-grid sites, the new technologies offer new methods to accompany the increasing power requested in these zones, or as an economic alternative to grid extensions. For 30 years, CIRTEM has proven its expertise in interconnected and autonomous networks, generators and charges. Thanks to our multi-sector position at the hub of all innovations, we deliver the best performances, qualities and prices.

Smart Grids

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Your needs

You are a system designer or integrator on the energy market, and you are committed to a quality approach and are looking for a high added value parts supplier to find optimization fields and who does not compete with you on your own markets.

Why Cirtem ?

CIRTEM is where expertise and industry meet. Thanks to our multisector approach, we allow you to stand out from the competition, secure your supplies, and enjoy the quality of a French manufacturer at market price.

Your needs

You have a power source or storage technology that is inseparable from conversion to access the market. You are looking for an expert partner to ensure that your specifications are relevant and to supply your series production

Why Cirtem?

CIRTEM gives you access to the technology of major manufacturers with the flexibility of an SME attuned to your needs. We help you to choose the best architecture to write relevant specifications. On the shelf or after development, we deliver the product you need for your expansion.

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Electrical infrastructures

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