In some industrial sectors, electrical power supply design is crucial:
  • In exploration and extraction of raw materials, extreme environments require converters specifically adapted to their mission.
  • Innovative chemical processes rely entirely on their power supply
  • High power induction heating systems also rely on specific conversion
In terms of design requirements, design margin control, combined experience feedback as well as the capacity to choose the best technology without any preconceived ideas, CIRTEM has been delivering solutions to the most demanding industrial requirements since its creation.

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Your needs

Your application requires tailor-made converters, whether in terms of electrical properties, environment, or service constraints. You are looking for a supplier capable of understanding your process and providing you with smart, high performance solutions

Why Cirtem?

With our expertise in power electronics, we can extract unusual properties for specific processes or extreme environments. Combined with our strong customer focus, and our capacity to produce high powers in series, we are your ideal partner to ensure you optimize your performance.


Examples of achievements

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