The massive electrification of defense vessels and vehicles provides critical advantages in terms of overall design.
  • Coupling of networks
  • Electrical shaft
  • Speed variation
  • Pooling of sources and storages
  • Hybridization of power supplies
  • Addition of motor-wheels on armored vehicles
  • Rationalization of technical accessories
CIRTEM is actively involved in these innovations. And thanks to its longstanding expertise and rigorous manufacturing approach, CIRTEM has earned recognition at the highest level from the French Authorities. We combine innovative technological results with the industrial capacity to introduce them in operational systems.



Armoured vehicles

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Are you a defense manufacturer or parts supplier? Are you looking for a long-term, relevant technological lead, architectures which provide genuine added value, efficient, long-term manufacturing, and maintenance in operating condition over 30 years?

Why Cirtem?

With our proven upstream research and high quality production, we deliver customized converters equipped with state-of-the-art components, along with architectures for traction and propulsion systems, on-board networks, and protective and distribution systems.


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